FALL 2017

Begin to Sew (Ages 7-12) Mondays or Fridays 

This is a fantastic opportunity for the complete novice to learn their way around the sewing machine; this class will give them the basic knowledge of machine sewing, machine operation, and safety skills. These simple skills will give your child confidence to attend any of my more advanced sewing classes or workshops. They will create a medley of beautiful projects, depending on past experience. 

$30/per class

Fun with Sewing! (Ages 7-12)

This is not your average sewing class! With all the distractions our children have today, this will be a very focused class on creating a few, cute, creative projects!  A small bag with zipper, a shoulder bag and pajama bottoms..they will be all ready for a sleep-over! If your child has already done these projects with me, we will have new options!!

What could be more fun than that? As we work our way through the projects students will be asked about their personal taste so we can supply them with an appropriate choice of fabric designs.

$30 per class

Fashion and Function: (Ages 8-12) 

Does your child love to express their individuality by selecting their own clothes or accessories? Are they interested in or notice current trends? These classes will provide your child with the opportunity to explore and learn about many aspects of design, while learning how sew their very own items. Although they will be working with common patterns, they will have every opportunity to select their own fabrics.This course will focus on fun, functional day wear and accessories. (The specific projects are to be determined by the kids)

$30/per class

All fabric will be included