Private drawing and painting (7-90) 

These lessons begin with warm up exercises that will help the student to observe things differently. They are shown that what may look difficult to draw at first glance is really simple once they learn how to see it piece by piece. This approach to drawing is based on the concept that any form can be broken down into simple lines or shapes. Once the student’s eye is trained to understand their placement, and the student’s hand is trained to accurately represent what the eye has seen, he or she can begin to draw realistically. Students will create original compositions using pencil and colored pencils, watercolor and / or acrylic paint. Still life references will be used in some lessons to develop skills in understanding the negative space between objects and the effect of reflecting colors. Students will be taught color mixing, line drawing techniques, mixed media or painting techniques, and the proper use and care of materials. These classes are designed to instill confidence in a students ability to produce a work of art that they will be proud of.

$40 per hour